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Zara Mizrahi’s comedy videos on social media have drawn more than 35 million views, garnering 190K+ fans across social channels. As a standup comic, she regularly performs at the Hollywood Improv and clubs around the country.

Her goofy catchphrases like “Iz okayyy” and her worship of Chipotle burritos and raccoons helped her nurture a strong relationship with her cult-like followers who she connects with daily -- sharing standup clips, stories, sketches, jokes, and reviews of her favorite movies and products.

Her voiceover credits include Fox’s hit animated series Family Guy, TBS's American Dad! and Marvel’s MODOK on Hulu. Zara grew up in a bilingual home with Mexican, Middle Eastern and Jewish heritage, and is the daughter of a tabloid reporter mother and clothing designer father. She began her career modeling, acting and doing national commercials. She is one of the 10 people born and raised in Los Angeles, CA.

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