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Zara Mizrahi

Upcoming Shows

January 9 | Ruby's Fresh | 8 PM

January 14 | Dime Bar | 8 PM

February 1 | Hollywood Improv | 8 PM

February 4 | The Shack | 9 PM

February 6 | Foxhole Hollywood | 8:30 PM

February 6 | The Garage | 9 PM

February 9 | Westside Comedy Theater | 9 PM

February 15 | PFW Studios | 8 PM

February 25 | UCB Sunset | 9 PM

February 27 | Foxhole Hollywood | 8:30 PM

March 2 | Hamburger Mary's | 7 PM

March 16 | Kibitz Room | 8:30 PM

March 18 | The League | 8 PM

March 31 | Art Bar LA | 8 PM







Zara Mizrahi is a stand-up comedian, writer, musician and actor born and raised in Los Angeles, CA.

She has performed stand-up all over the country and gets on stage almost every night. Zara has voices on Family Guy, American Dad!, and is a recurring character on Marvel's animated show M.O.D.O.K. which will come out this year. She also regularly appears in other sketches and podcasts, and has written everything from commercials to promotional sketches to screenplays. A UCB improv student and storytelling graduate, she also performs on several storytelling shows.

Zara’s first half-hour comedy pilot focuses on a young political speech writer who unexpectedly inherits her estranged uncle’s porn company. The second half-hour pilot focuses on a recently divorced journalist who teams up with her precocious 11 year-old daughter to investigate a pop star’s marital scandal — not knowing that the investigation leads to her con-artist ex-husband. Her third pilot is an animated half-hour comedy that focuses on a former actress who starts working at an advertising agency to escape her unwanted and accidental fame, who encounters controversial clients and otherworldly coworkers who upend the conventional life she's desperately trying to build. All scripts are based on real stories from Zara’s life.

Zara continues to perform all over Los Angeles, and is always working on new comedy screenplays.








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