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Zara Mizrahi is a Middle Eastern and Hispanic stand-up comic, writer, social media personality and voiceover actor based in Los Angeles, CA. She regularly performs at the Hollywood Improv and clubs around the country, and her comedy videos on social media have drawn more than 40 million views, garnering 200,000+ fans across social channels.


Zara has voiced over 30 episodes of Fox’s hit animated series Family Guy and TBS's American Dad!. She is also a recurring character on Marvel’s MODOK on Hulu (starring Patton Oswalt), where she was also a writers’ assistant.


Zara is an LA native who grew up in a bilingual home with a tabloid reporter mother and clothing designer father. She wrote three pilots based on real stories from her life. XPOSED is a half-hour comedy about a young political speech writer who unexpectedly inherits her estranged uncle’s porn company. FOR THE STORY focuses on a mother and daughter who team up on tabloid investigations in the 90s. And NORMALIZED is an animated half-hour comedy about a disillusioned actress who starts working at a sketchy advertising agency to escape her unwanted and accidental fame.


Her latest feature mockumentary script, DRENCHED was optioned by Dana Brunetti (THE SOCIAL NETWORK, HOUSE OF CARDS), and follows a hapless CEO of a marine mammal park as she fights to contain a string of scandals that threaten to take down the company. 

Zara's goofy catchphrases like “Iz okayyy” and her worship of Chipotle burritos and raccoons helped her nurture a strong relationship with her cult-like followers whom she connects with daily -- sharing standup clips, stories, sketches, jokes, and reviews of her favorite movies and products.

She now performs on several storytelling shows, and is always working on new material, producing off-the-wall social media content and writing new scripts.

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